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Women's Resource Center

The Cornell Women's Resource Center is dedicated to serving the entire Cornell community with mutual respect, honesty, and openness. The CWRC values people of all genders coming together to end sexism, along with all forms of oppression and maintaining an environment where all are free to affirm and celebrate their differences and commonalties.

The BIG RED SHUTTLE is back for finals!

Catch a FREE ride home from 11:30pm-3:45am Saturday, May 9th through Saturday, May 16th.

The Big Red Shuttle will be running from May 9th to May 16th, from 11:30PM to 3:45AM every 20 minutes.

The pick-up locations are Bradfield Hall, Uris Hall, Kennedy Hall, Anabel Taylor, and Sage Hall at the regular bus stop. It will drops you off at your front door! (Or as close as possible!)

Big Red Shuttle Route

Pick up times and locations:

Bradfield Kennedy Tower Rd and East Ave Anabel Taylor
11:30PM 11:35PM 11:40PM 11:45PM
12:05AM 12:10AM 12:15AM 12:20AM
12:40AM 12:45AM 12:50AM 12:55AM
1:00AM 1:05AM 1:10AM 1:15AM
1:35AM 1:40AM 1:45AM 1:50AM
2:10AM 2:15AM 2:20AM 2:25AM
2:45AM 2:50AM 2:55AM 3:00AM
3:20AM 3:25AM 3:30AM 3:35AM


Find more info and updates at our Facebook page.





Congratulations to the graduating members of the WRC Board!

We thank you for all that you have done to create spaces and programs for dialogue about gender and sexuality and women's lives and experiences at Cornell. You are all such exceptional people and though you will be sorely missed by your friends at the WRC, we are excited to see what you do next! Happy Graduation!!

Congrats to:

Ashton Conner

Angela Han

Christina Hanco

Tina Ahmadi

Lauren Parker

Leena Kulkarni

Danielle O'Connor

Suzanne Farhoud


We Step Into the Light on exhibit in the WSH Browsing Library!

We Step Into the Light is a project that raises awareness about sexual assault, relationship violence, gender-based violence, and stalking through art created for “thrivers,” which is a term that has been chosen to replace the term “survivors.”

Volunteer thrivers will be paired with volunteer artists and together they will create a work of art celebrating the thriver.

Art for this project can be of any form, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, poetry, song, and dance.

The art focuses on the dreams, goals, passions, and ambitions of the thriver rather than on the assault the thriver experienced. Through a series of interactions with the artists, the thriver inspires the artist, who will then capture (in collaboration with the thriver) the essence of the thriver who lives a full life beyond the experience of violence.

The art pieces are gifts made for the thrivers.

In “We Step Into the Light,” we recognize the power of art to inspire those who have suffered emotional and physical trauma to see their beauty and find their strength to live the lives they have always wanted. We also recognize that in addition to providing an opportunity for healing and comfort, art has the power to raise awareness about the prevalence of assault and give the community an opportunity to better understand and support thrivers.

The artwork will be exhibited in the Willard Straight Hall Browsing Library the week of May 11-15th.

For more information about “We Step Into the Light,” please see here:


Please contact Angela to participate.


Please marvel at our new logo!

And look for new printed materials, promotional materials, and swag with our new design coming soon!

new logo


Feminism: Food For Thought has started!

Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Flora Rose House Common Room (next to the dining hall)

Thursdays, from 6:30-8 PM

This week's topic is: TBD

*Free Meal Swipe, for those without a meal plan*

We invite everyone in the Cornell community to join us for dinner and a thought-provoking conversation in an informal setting. All are welcome.

We have a new discussion topic or invited guest each week.
Suggestions for discussion topics are encouraged (email Danielle at

This year marks our sixth year of this weekly informal discussion. All are welcome to join us!


VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood

Come get involved with VOX on campus! Cornell's chapter of VOX works closely with the Cornell Woman's Resource Center and Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes using fun activities and events to educate young Americans about threats to reproductive health and freedom and mobilizes them to get involved. VOX aims to educate and inspire a new generation of young adults to advocate reproductive freedom. Come to our meetings at 4:30pm on Wednesdays. Meetings take place in Willard Straight Hall 413 (the Art Gallery)! To find out more information visit our facebook page at VOX-Voices-for-Planned-Parenthood-at-Cornell or email us.


Get your Consent t-shirt!

The Sexual Violence Resistance Network in cooperation with the Women's Resource Center proudly announces the arrival of Consent shirts! The shirts were created by an alumnus last semester in order to raise awareness of the importance of consent in sexual relationships. Each shirt is printed on American Apparel, soft, union-made, sweatshop-free materials. They are $10 each and all proceeds go to the Advocacy Center of Ithaca. Please help support this initiative by purchasing a t-shirt for yourself or a friend!

The Sexual Violence Resistance Network is a safe space for allies and survivors of sexual assault to organize and direct actions against rape culture in our community. We are open to everyone and meet throughout the school year. For more information, please e-mail

To support the Advocacy Center and order your t-shirt, please contact Laura. Sizes large and extra large are available. (please note: the shirts run small)

Black frontBlue front

Click here for a closer look at the shirt's message.