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Women's Resource Center

Female Sexuality Workshop: FemSex

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What is FemSex?


You don't have to feel embarrased to talk about sex, we promise!

What makes a woman a woman? What makes you who you are - is it your sex, your gender, your sexuality? How much do you really know about your body? Have you taken a good look at your G-spot lately? How do cultural influences affect your behavior? Can you still be a feminist if you watch porn?

The Female Sexuality Workshop, or FemSex, is a student-run class started at U. C. Berkeley in 1993 and now being taught at Brown and Harvard Universities as well. Fall 2006 marked the birth of the course at Cornell.

The FemSex mission is to create a safe environment within which participants can work to attain empowered relationships with female identity and sexuality. By building community, encouraging self-exploration, and guiding education, it aims to enable individuals to recognize and validate their own experiences, to explore the options available to them, and make educated and self-aware choices. It is our hope that by the end of this workshop, students leave with a newfound sense of empowerment and a greater understanding of the diverse ways in which empowerment can be felt.

FemSex is more than just a class, it's a movement. Come be a part of FemSex history.

Although the workshop is designed for students, staff, faculty, and Ithaca community members who choose to identify as women, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS WELCOME! People of all genders, sexes, and/or sexual orientations who are interested in actively exploring their own sexuality and sexual identity in a safe and supportive community are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Topics include: anatomy and physiology, cultural influences on sexuality, body image, STIs and safer sex, reproductive choices, solo sex, partner sex and relationships, gender identity, orgasms and inhibitors to orgasms, pornography, kink sex practices, BDSM, and more ...

The class is structured as a discussion led by two student facilitators. All participants are held accountable for the creation of a safe and supportive educational community where people of all backgrounds, persuasions and orientations can feel comfortable sharing their stories.The workshop will meet on two weeknights per week.

Stay tuned for more information about Fall 2011 FemSex info sessions.

Contact us at for more information.

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